EXOS Training Method Pukalani

EXOS Training Method

EXOS is a human performance company headquartered in Phoenix , Arizona. They are now a global company involved in human performance at the highest level. Pukalani Physical Therapy incorporates EXOS training methods mainly to provide a system to advance a client from rehab to performance. Pukalani Physical Therapy uses a proven system to guide clients back into their active lifestyle no matter what that level may be.

What does EXOS training involve?

After a person progresses through their injury they will need a proven guideline to advance exercise and activity.

Pukalani Physical Therapists will then take you through a movement screen: EXOS, FMS, SFMA or possibly TPI.

The results of these screens will pinpoint a person’s movement deficits. We are all created differently and our body’s are put together differently. Meaning some people can’t move to perform a task, and some people may not be strong enough to perform a task. It is essential to know the difference in designing a person’s individual program.

Then corrective exercises are tailored to improve the deficits discovered in an individual movement screen. Each person comes with different deficits and each person gets different corrective exercises to improve their function so they can perform their sport or activity while decreasing injury rates.

Clients then can advance through a structured training program developed by EXOS

  • Pillar preparation
  • Movement preparation
  • Movement skills
  • Medicine ball
  • Strength and power
  • Energy systems development
  • Regeneration